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Holy crxp i love the essay about peter! Peter Nguyen is the king of funny essays! Read More Humor Essays Archives Imperfect Parent Humor Essays ; Ask the Angry Baby; Really Stupid Neighbors..
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30 Though elements of rock and roll can be heard in Canadian country records of the 1930s1940s, and in American blues records from the 1920s, 31 rock and roll did not acquire its..
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My tailor essay by stephen leacock

my tailor essay by stephen leacock

Doctor" he gives us a glimpse of his boyhood. But behind this list are facts. "Sir he said, "can you tell me the way to " The policeman struck him savagely across the side of the head. There was a roar and a hubbub in the street below. "Now then he muttered, "I will burglarize a house and get money." Walking across to Fifth Avenue he selected one of the finest residences and rang the bell.

Answer (1 of 2 It is true that My Tailor is a humorous essay. Stephe n Leacock is a great comic writer. He has written many humorous essays and stories.

The Amazing Genius. But perhaps I shall not be trespassing upon my valued friend's prerogative if I say a word or two in intro- duction of his discourse." Loud cries of "Hear! Peters assumes a triumphant air. It has invented for itself the ominous word "high- brow" as a sign of warning placed over things to be avoided. I would undertake to show to the world what a real school could be and, more surprising still, what a harvest of profit could be made from. The other system absurdly attempts to reduce the whole range of higher attainment to the measured and organised grinding of a mill: it undertakes to classify ability and to measure Intellectual progress with a yard meas- ure, and to turn out in Its graduates. So with his twin incentives of pain and plea- sure he coaxed and prodded humanity on its path, till it reached the point where it repudi- ated him, called itself a Superman, and headed straight for the cliff over which is the deep sea. Rushed madly at two plumbers. His eyes and his mind were else- where.

my tailor essay by stephen leacock

In with my watch. No, it s not there either. I try my coat. If that confounded tailor only knew enough to make a pocket so that a man could get at it!