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One can lynch a person without a rope or tree. Yet, God took the evil of the cross and the lynching tree and transformed them both into the triumphant beauty of the divine...
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Gina essay

gina essay

Street, about Canadians in Europe. "Cousin of the Gina 'abul." The Sumerian word "sukkal" means "messenger." In the Sumerian and Assyro-Babylonian traditions, the Sukkal are humanoids with the body of a bird and large wings on the back. We are the fruit of complex interactions with extraterrestrial entities that we have long taken for the "Gods". It was not until the end of the 90s and much research that he came to understand that they were related to the Sumerian civilization and to a language from which the Sumerian language emerged.It took some time to put order into all this history. He wonders if they may be the " Tall Whites " observed living on the Nellis Range in Nevada. His sly narrator states that the second of the two, written by Pierre Menard (Borgess made-up, French-symbolist-poet avatar) in the 20th century and not by Cervantes in the 17th, is the marvelous one Cervantess text and Menards are verbally identical, but the second is almost. The Naml'u thus were magnificent beings, the issue of the collective heritage of the combined sciences of the Kaditu.

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They suffered from a disease of unknown cause. Imdugud (Anzu) Mix of King-Babbar (royal albinos) and Urmah. The Uumgal Council of Nalulkára were survivors of the Great War. It is for example the Nungal who were commissioned to dig the Tigris and Euphrates to supply water for the future cities of the Anunnaki "Gods". Anunna and Nungal Note: Parks' design of Sa'am's profile has been published in the 3rd edition of Le Secret ; thumbnail on this website under Personages.

Rumours about this essay provoked such hate that Gina Rinehart was the #1 Facebook trending topic.
Published last week in Australian Resources and Investment magazine, vol.
1 (March 2014.
5-7, because critics do not appear to have read it, weve made the original text as easily accessible as possible, available online here without any ads, paywalls, registrations, sign-ups.
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