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It finally died with the onset of the Second World War (1939). In other countries leaders like Nelson Mandela and Vaclev Havel have brought about great changes under the banner of human rights...
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He makes these prompts before the month begins and honestly didnt even realize how perfect todays prompt was until just yesterday. If you are unsure of how to pronounce a name, sound it..
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Essay disadvantages of english language in india

essay disadvantages of english language in india

language. Sample Answer: Due to the colonization done by the British, more than half of the world started speaking English language and it has surely helped in uniting the world on a global platform. At the same time, English as a global language can saves a lot of money of translation. Worldwide communication is the key to humanitys advancement, and one of the things that ease up the process is to have a global language. Studying English, furthermore, may be a time consuming task to do and an expensive subject to study but English language plays an essential role in the educational system around the world, where English linguistic remains the international language of almost all top universities globally. Language is an integral part of the culture and it is what links you to it and it is what you pass on to your future generation. Checker, all Materials are Cataloged Well). A native language like English also is disadvantageous because it has limited words to expressing feelings and emotions unlike a mother-tongue language that mostly has a bank of vocabulary. This will create a room of discrimination of the minor groups in the society and further enhance it because language in most cases is used as an identity. Write at least 250 words. Failing to get a job often leads to a strenuous life.

To begin with, having a worldwide language is a necessity nowadays because of globalization. Ielts Writing Essay, do the advantages of having English as a global language outweigh the disadvantages? This is language that is used beyond the borders of a single country and this has created understandings among the countries. Overall, being able to communicate orally and in written in a foreign language is troublesome for a child in primary school.

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It is the ray denton dissertation worlds only language which is widely spoken and understood. Plagiarism report (on demand) free feature. No hidden charges 24/7 customer support, anti-plagiarism guarantee. I know the truth and you do not; I intentionally hide the truth from you? Knowing how to speak a language spoken by the whole world will make the communication with other people easier. This may make the threatened individuals to abandon their language thus enhancing extinction (Crystal 2003, pp 121). In my opinion, English become to a global language have both advantage and disadvantage. A poems theme is as strong as a persons purpose in life. According to the research, we can see that the number of languages is keeping decrease, although English is just one of the reasons, it did hasten languages die out. However, one cannot deny that a person who can learns a foreign language can learn another faster. Ielts Ghaziabad Utter Pradesh Tel:, may 8, 2017, chief Editor.

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