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Have no time for anything except assignments? This way we are sure the paper is original and unique. Who will work on my paper? One day in the future, you shall remember this..
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No, I don't give assignments till I get to know you. Cambridge English Corpus, ambiguous peak assignments are treated as separate distance restraints in the structure calculations, and erroneous assignments are eliminated in..
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Ap world compare and contrast essay ppt

ap world compare and contrast essay ppt

medias popularity in Spanish speaking countries assigned countries to groups of 3 presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday in class (audience members will chart info as they learn it graphic organizer provided) Homework: Study for the vocabulary test tomorrow and complete practica 25 miercoles. Turn in homework Definitions aurally in preparation for the listening part of vocab test on Thurs. We talked today about the long term goals of taking Spanish 4 and more as students plan to go to college and/or seek employment. 72 77 of Lazarillo de Tormes miercoles (27th) Review pp 72- 77 with the pre-reading information about 16th century Spains political situation, social classes and lifestyle, and the popularity of the novel.. Kahoot: To become verbs Assigned: Quiz tomorrow over the chapter 5 vocabulary along with the definitions and spelling. Martes (26th) Return test and go over Review present subjunctive and previously learned uses.- practica 6 Speaking for fichas Write first draft of essay over Una carta a Dios Homework: Read. Do your best to match them with the word each is describing (use pencil) and we will check these at the beginning of class tomorrow. Audience to take notes in their journals over presentations (Entrada 18) Journal entries 11 18 due today. Start Una carta a Dios story packet vocabulary page, author intro, pre-reading questions to answer, vocabulary activity and comprehension questions over Parte I of the story (read part one as well quiz toay over the chapter 1 vocabulary finish the activities that go with the.

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Go over some of the graded work recently added to Synergy and review the retake policy. 4 s 1, 3, or 6) Introduced the future tense today and compared this tenses uses to those of what we have already learned: regular present tense, present subjunctive, and the concept of ir a infintive. Lunes Pedacito de gramatica y vocabulario Turn in homework Read the rest of El gato de Sevres and complete Comprension activities 1 and 2 Review and practice of vocabulary and adverbial clauses with activities to complete. Thursday (11/12) Tratados 5 and 6 read and complete acts. First draft of news article due tomorrow. Students turned in what they had completed today.