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Essay on ram navami festival

essay on ram navami festival

the birth of Lord Rama. Ravan had acquired great power because he had obtained from god Brahma the boon that he would never die at the hands of gods, or gandharvas, or yakshas (demigods) or demons. Then the gods, gandharvas, siddhas, and rishis present arid began to pray to Brahma. Yogurt, milk, tea, coffee and water are also permitted along with fruits and vegetables. So Brahmadev declared that Ravan would die at the hands of a man.

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The Hindu Festival, Ram Navami, is celebrated to mark the birth.
Festival Paragraph on Dussehra Essay on Dussehra Festival: Celebration.

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Ravana, the demon king, is a symbol of unrighteousness, cruelty and evil. He was believed to be the embodiment of half degree of Vishnus divinity, (ardha ounsh). On this holy day of Ramnavami you must immerse yourself in the Atma as Dharmaswarupa as the motivator of the moral life - Sathya Sai Baba, rama Nama should come from the heart. . Prashada (Offerings) of fruit and sweets are offered to God Rama at the temple. Lord Rama is an avatar of Lord Vishnu who came down to earth to battle the invincible Ravana in human e story of Rama was first written by Vaalmeeki in about the 4th century.C. Rama Navami falls on the ninth day of a Hindu lunar year or Chaitra Masa Sukla paksha Navami, which usually falls in March or April. Devotees of Lord Rama sing devotional songs, bhajans and kirtans in praise of their Lord. .

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