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The culture of india essay

the culture of india essay

etc to reduce cultural shock. Discussion is almost always lead by the most senior person. It is also the language shared by the Dravidian-speaking south and the Hindi-speaking north. The ancient Buddhist domed stupa, or shrine, at Sanchi was probably begun by the emperor Asoka in the mid-3rd century. Chief Mined Products: Limestone, iron ore, bauxite, manganese, chromium, zinc, copper, lead, gold, diamonds, coal, crude petroleum, natural gas. All family members are specifically delegated responsibilities which lead to sharing and no one is burdened. Low score in this dimension of India reflects that India facilitates achievement and success, there should be minimum rules for the people to flourish in their field and it facilitates open ended learning but success and achievement can also be achieved by having set rules. Joint Family Tradition: We still retain the tradition of joint family system in our society as part of our culture. For most Hindus the two best-known texts are the great epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, composed roughly 2,000 years ago.

Essay on, indian, culture for Children and Students

the culture of india essay

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Strong Hierarchical framework for operation. The way to achieve higher status in future incarnations is to accept ones station in life and live accordingly. Each has a conventionalized language that demands considerable sophistication on the part of the audience. Women possess a respectable position in the society and business in India. Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition. Pakistani-held part of Jammu and Kashmir) is a peninsula jutting into the Indian Ocean between the. High degree of spirituality and honor: Traditional and customary practices are an important part of Indian culture. . India is very complex country and the customs and traditions are very rigid and people or organization who come to India for business often find that the course of success in India is not very smooth because different parts of India has different customs and.

The literature of India covers many fields of knowledge, but religious and philosophical texts are particularly numerous. Poetry is particularly admired. Village government is in the hands of a democratically elected council, known as a panchayat, presided over by a village headman.

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