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Police wearing body cameras essay

police wearing body cameras essay

relationships. 7, a study in Rialto, CA, the first US city to trial police body cameras, found an over 50 reduction in the total number of use of force incidents by police officers when body cameras were worn; complaints against officers fell from 28 in the. Chief of Police Ken Miller of Greensboro, North Carolina says that if citizens "think that they are going to be recorded every time they talk to an officer, regardless of the context, it is compare/contrast essay going to damage openness and create barriers to important relationships.". Con 1, police body cameras decrease the safety of police officers and negatively affect their physical and mental health. 7, in Las Vegas, NV, a trial found a 37 reduction in the number of police officers involved in at least one use of force incident when equipped with body-worn cameras. White, "Police Officer Body-Worn Cameras: Assessing the Evidence nicic. All Answers ltd, 'Benefits of Police Body Cameras' (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. For questions on access or troubleshooting, please check our. All it takes is that first complaint from someone to be resolved by this footage to really start getting officers to buy-in, says Steve Tuttle.

In another study on how body cameras reduce citizen complaints, the Mesa Police Department conducted a yearlong study specifically focusing on reducing complaints. Tuttle says the issue is about more than just having a place to house the video. (Self-Awareness to being watched and Socially-Desirable Behavior, 2013,. 15, 2017 Benjamin Yount, "Costs Pushing Some Police Departments to Stop Using Body Cameras m, Sep. The Rialto Police Chief stated, Whether the reduced number of complaints was because of the officers behaving better or the citizens behaving betterwell, it was probably a little bit of both. Are they going to be okay with being filmed when things arent going well? If the defendant was aware that he was being recorded, his behavior would most likely be different.