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Essay on green revolution in india in hindi

essay on green revolution in india in hindi

was being continually increased after 1947 and this continued to increase even after 1967 to meet the growing demands of food. Citation needed Agriculture was basically for subsistence and, therefore, less agricultural product was offered for sale in the market. As a result, the benefits of the new strategy have remained concentrated in this area only. Sociological Impact of Green Revolution.

The provision of farmers, therefore, earned the Indian government foreign exchange and allowed the farmers support their relatives financially. (ii) Employment: The new agricultural technology has created more amounts of employment opportunities in the tertiary sector and in industries related to agriculture. The cost of machinery was not affordable to all farmers, and this was a huge disadvantage as most farmers could not purchase fuel or manage repairs. Thus, adding to the overall production of food grains. The rampant irrigation practices have led to eventually soil degradation. This raised the demand for these products and therby, led to a growth of the non agricultural local manufacturing sector.

The Green Revolution resulted to vast disparities among the regions and states. The main development was higher-yielding varieties of ithaca college politics thesis statement wheat, and rust resistant strains of wheat. As domestic investments always involve a great deal of foreign participation, the new strategy involves encouraging a direct role of the multinationals in agricultural development. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? Increase in Agricultural Production: The first major direct effect of the green revolution has been the sharp increase in agricultural production. Thus, the standard of living of Indian Rural population rose. This was part of the larger. Not only this, India for the first time, became a net exporter of foodgrains during this period. Increase in Productivity: The productivity of agriculture, as measured in terms of yield per hectare, has increased.

Essay on, green, revolution in, india

essay on green revolution in india in hindi